Wrong by L.P. Lovell and Stevie J. Cole

Wrong by L.P. Lovell and Stevie J. ColeVerkeerd By/Door L.P. Lovell & SJ Cole
Serie: Verkeerd #1
Uitgever/Publisher SVM Publishing Op/On 10 December 2019
Genres: Dark Romance
Pagina's/Pages: 317

Elke stap in Victoria's leven is tot in de perfectie gepland, maar één weddenschap die verkeerd is gegaan, verandert alles.
Ze is uit de veiligheid van haar vertrouwde wereld gerukt en wordt in een wereld gegooid die geregeerd wordt door Jude Pearson, een beruchte crimineel.
Zij is het onderpand dat hij niet zou moeten willen.
Een zwakte die hij zich niet kan veroorloven. Een goed meisje dat bereid is een slechte man op zijn knieën te krijgen.
Dit is een verhaal waar niets is wat het lijkt. Waar alles wat verkeerd is, goed lijkt te zijn.
* WAARSCHUWING * Dit boek bevat scènes met misbruik en geweld die door sommige mensen als schokkend kunnen worden ervaren.*

Writing Style

L.P Lovell and Stevie J Cole write from first persons perspective in present time. The story is being told from both Jude and Victoria’s perspective. I really liked the writing style and I breezed through the book.

He manages to dodge at the last minute, and although I make contact, it doesn’t quite have the impact I would have liked. I turn to run, but he grasps a fistful of my hair. I scream, as my scalp feels like it’s on fire.
Something hits me in the side of the head, and then everything goes black.

My review of Wrong

This is the first book by L.P. Lovell or Stevie J Cole that I read. I loved Jude. Immediately even though Jude isn’t a lovable person at first. I loved that there were chapters from his perspective, because it made me understand him and his actions better.

I had a harder time understanding Victoria. I understood that she didn’t want to be there. What I didn’t understand was her attraction to Jude, because she didn’t read about why he did certain shit. And he wasn’t cool to her. The love they had for each other was weird.

But that ending. From the moment Jude changed toward Victoria I understood her. And I got sucked into the story more and more. And that ending was just cruel.

This woman has turned my little brother into a dribbling pussy. He’s watched people brutally lose their lives, and here he sits, crying over some movie, being consoled by a girl. “Fuck, Caleb!” I stomp toward them and yank him up. “Just….get the fuck outta here.” I open the door, intending to shove him out into the hall, but stop.

“You know, you redefine arsehole,” she snaps.


I want more!

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