Sweeter Than Hate (Darker Than Love #0.5 by Anna Zaires

Sweeter Than Hate (Darker Than Love #0.5 by Anna ZairesSweeter Than Hate By/Door Anna Zaires, Charmaine Pauls
Serie: Darker Than Love #0.5
Op/On 25 November 2019

I shouldn’t have heard the things I did. Shouldn’t have attracted his attention.
Now I feel his stare like a touch. Viscerally. Acutely.
The Russian assassin has me in his sights, and there’s only one way out.
His bed.
Good thing I’m drawn to danger.

Waarschuwing: dit boek bevat seks, drugs/alcohol of geweld.
Warning: this book contains sex, drugs/alcohol or violence

My thoughts about Sweeter Than Hate?

I really liked the idea of two Russian hitmen. From the first sentence I felt a lot of tension. She was afraid of them. It was clearly running through her mind what would happen if they found out what she had heard. It was funny, she being so afraid but at the same time she was curious.

Spoiler alert! She will be kidnapped by them until they complete their assignment. The relationship between the brothers and Mina is a bit vague. It’s like they left out information on purpose, which is really annoying by the way. I wanted to know every little detail. She flat about important information, but her emotions pretty much exploded when she thought about the brothers.

She experiences a wild night with one of them. We find out that she has secrets of her own. Mina becomes a risk and that was all i needed to know. When Julian, from the Twist Me series, starts asking her questions, she is done. I wanted to know who she really was and what her goal was. None of my questions are answered.

For such a short novella there were many sexual related chapters. I don’t mind this at all but i know it can bother people.

“My back hits the trunk with a thump, the rough bark pressing into my palms as he stares down at me with that new chili in his eyes.”


If you loved the Twist me and Capture me series then you should definitely read this one.

Because it is such a short book, you get very little information. Keep in mind that this is a serie and book one is already published.

It is a perfect read if you don’t feel like doing anything else!

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