Stupid Boys (Stupid Boys #1) by C.R. Jane & Rebecca Royce

Stupid Boys (Stupid Boys #1) by C.R. Jane & Rebecca RoyceStupid Boys By/Door C.R. Jane, Rebecca Royce
Serie: Stupid Boys, #1
Op/On 5 November 2019
Genres: Reverse Harem, Romance

I’m the nightmare they never see coming.
You, the one reading this right now. Yes. You. I’m going to warn you this one time. Don’t decide to like me.
I’m not a good girl.. I’m manipulative. I play games. I’ve done it countless times and I’ll do it again. I can promise you that.
With more funding behind me than you can imagine, I can become anyone.
I mess with men’s hearts. And when I am done, it is more than just their money I take, it’s their very sense of self.
The football star. The politician. The surgeon. The artist. They all gave over their love. I hate to tell you how easy it is to make them my own. A little smile. A batting of my big, beautiful eyes. The most powerful fall the hardest.
Did they take part of my soul with them? Try to get me to admit it. I dare you to try. I’ll never say the words you all want to hear from me. I’m never sorry.
Those stupid boys.
I warned you. Don’t. Like. Me. You’ll regret it.
*The authors strongly suggest you read the forward to this book before you go any further. This is the first book in a trilogy with strong, sometimes dislikable characters in a world where few people are as they seem and love comes at a cost not everyone is willing to pay.*

Waarschuwing: dit boek bevat seks, drugs/alcohol of geweld.
Warning: this book contains sex, drugs/alcohol or violence

Ik heb dit boek ontvangen in ruil voor een eerlijke recensie.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review

My thoughts about Stupid Boys

Well holy shit. The is the first time I ever read something of these two authors and it was amazing.

I immediately loved the blurb. But the storyline… damn.
I never read anything like this. The authors changed the game a bit. It was divided in different parts. To me it felt like they introduced and welcomed me to the world of the Stupid Boys. So many POV’s. Going back from the present to the past. And every guy is written so differently.

I thought Holly was amazing. She was so kind even being treated like a toy by her own family. Made me sad to think that she probably never experienced real love. I mean, for years, she played games to get money or other stuff. Just for an uncle who was an asshole.

Graham was definitely my favorite and my least favorite was Jamie. Jamie was a bit to intense for me and Graham was way too cute.
The only thing I disliked was how fast the relationship between the guys and Holly grew with each chapter

At the end I didn’t expected such a big cliffhanger. And that sucks cause I have to wait for the next book!

“I assure you, I did in fact paint this and everything displayed here tonight,” I snapped at her.


A wonderful easy read. Because of the constructive tension you just want to keep reading. I just needed to know what happened between them.

“It sounds almost real when you say that.”


A good introduction! Hopefully book two is just as good! I would recommend this one to a lot of people!

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