I can hear you think. Romanceo-whut? Well, I will explain in this blog what it is.

Romanceopoly is simply said a challenge in reading romance. It’s like a monopoly board (hense the name) but instead of streets, it has themes. Under those themes are challenges.

The board looks like this and I put a print in my Plantastic planner. Which is a Dutch version of The Happy Planner. They have sized templates for planners on the website. You find all challenges on the website too. They’ve got sun and moon challenges which you can choose from. I printed them both because to me it’s quite a challenge to start PNR, Historical and Urban Fantasy, so I’ll just choose what fits best.

As you can see there is also a light version. You can cross off the challenges you did. As you can see, I did 5 at this point. You can make the challenges as hard as you want. For example for The Office the challenge is: Read a romance where the couple meet at their place of work.

I choose Loathe Me. Which is about a man who has to protect a Maffia girl. Technically it’s a job, so workplace. As you can see, I take them lightly. I just want to try new things, but want to keep it fun.

There are also cards with Romanceopoly

On the cards you can find the themes. On the website you can find recommendations. So if you don’t know what you can read with a certain theme, you can find inspiration there. I wrote the books I was most interested in on the cards and I added my own ideas as I go along. C.M. Stunich was my own recommendation.

You want to try this challenge too? Check out their website! And let me know, so we can update each other. 😀 Have fun!


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