About Mariëlle

Who am I? That is a good question. I think I’ll start with the basics?

  • Born in 1987
  • Wife of
  • Mom
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Author

Born in 1987

Grew up in the Netherlands in an East Brabant village. So I speak Brabants, Dutch and English. You may see this in my blogs, sometimes even in my books. If you meet me, you will hear it 100% for sure.

Marc en ik

Wife of Marc

We’re together since 2004 and married in 2016. Marc isn’t originated from the Brabant part of the Netherlands, but he did move over here.

He is a typical tough guy with a small heart as we Dutch people call it. I often say in my reviews I love the bad boys with the soft edge. Well… meet Marc 😉 z

Lennox en Mycah 1

Mom of Lennox & Mycah

In 2018 Lennox & Mycah were born. Yes, you read it correctly. Both, because they are twins. How we got pregnant and everything about my pregnancy can be fount under Mariël

Primary School Teacher & Author

My daily work is teacher of a special primary education class. I work three days a week and enjoy doing this.

am also an author. I do this in my remaining hours. I now have five Dutch titles to my name.