Love Drunk by T.L. Smith

Love Drunk by T.L. SmithLove Drunk By/Door T.L. Smith
Serie: Love Me Duet #1
Uitgever/Publisher Independently published Op/On 24 October 2019
ISBN: 1702214389
Genres: Dark Romance
Pagina's/Pages: 309

One month, I fell for him.
Two, I was a goner.Three, I was a daydreamer.
But by the fourth, it was a nightmare.
Everything came in beats.
Beat one—fantasy.
Beat two—admission.
Beat three—love.
But it’s the fourth beat that completely ruined me.
With a shattered heart. He was my nightmare.

The story of Love Drunk.

One evening Everly meets Gunner. A very handsome man. Her best friend May, who is an Instagram influencer, challenges her to say hello in exchange for three posts about her café on Mays Insta-account. This will give Everly’s café so much exposure that she decides to say hello. A few moments later he comes to stand behind her in the club. And from that moment on a hugely intense relationship starts.

Everly falls head over heels for Gunner, but Gunner ain’t all Everly thinks he is.

He leans in close. His lips touch mine and he steals a kiss before he pulls back. “No. I think you’re the sexiest fucking thing to walk this planet. That fact is why you’re mine.”

Writing style:

T.L. has a very specific writing style. She only writes from Everly’s point of view, so you only see one side of the story. Sometimes I miss some emotion in her sentences. It is written primarily with feeling and movement

“Okay, I know you have to. You’ve told me since we met that it’s your family’s way. And that if you didn’t, you’d be disowned, but honestly, would that really be that bad?”
I gasp at her. “It absolutely is, May. It is. In our traditions, family is what comes first, always. Everything in life is for them. Everything we do is about them. Family is life.”

What I think of Love Drunk

I find the story very intriguing. Gunner was very intriguing and T.L. knows how to describe him so that you soon realize that there is more wrong with him than at first glance. I found this addictive and wanted to know what it was exactly. He hinted several times that Everly should not fall in love with him and that he was not a nice man.

Everly chose to be blind. To fall hard for him. I found it harder to relate to her because Gunner described it very clearly from the first start and I did not understand why she liked it. He was cold and distant. Yes, there were times when he was very sweet to her and I think it was those moments that Everly fell in love with him.

And then month four came. And I knew it wasn’t a nice man, but his “kink” was fierce. Her reaction is understandable and frankly I was shocked. But at the same time he also showed love and I am a loser for broken men. And Gunner is clearly broken. And so I remained intrigued, just like Everly. And the events that followed were intense. Now I am very curious about part 2!

Deciding this isn’t worth my embarrassment, I go to turn, to walk away, but something in the way he watches me, makes me open my mouth and speak. “I came over to say hello.”
What the fuck!
Seriously… what the fuck!
Who even says that?
My back is straight, when really all I want to do is groan ever so loudly and cover my face with my hands in embarrassment. My eyes dart back up to his. He’s still watching me, and even in the dark lighting I can see he’s amused, just as I see his eyes are darker than everyone else’s. The music blares so loudly, and I hope that it’s loud enough for my words to be drowned out and that he didn’t hear me. But knowing my luck, and the look of amusement he’s throwing my way, I would say it’s a big fat no.


Fierce and intriguing.

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