Loathe Me by L.P. Lovell

Loathe Me by L.P. LovellLoathe Me By/Door L.P. Lovell
Serie: Touch of Death #1
Op/On 6 December 2019
Genres: Dark Romance
Pagina's/Pages: 198

My business is death. My place in the world is a straight forward transaction. Orders, discipline. A life for a check.
However, I find myself manipulated into protecting mafia princess, Adelina Ricci. She should just be a job, so why am I willing to risk everything for her?
A lethal knight.
A rebellious pawn.
An inexplicable bond.
Loathe me or love me?

Waarschuwing: dit boek bevat seks, drugs/alcohol of geweld.
Warning: this book contains sex, drugs/alcohol or violence

This is the second book by this author I’ve read. The first one was Wrong which she co-wrote, so I’m very curious if I enjoy this one as much as I do that one. I found it on Amazon for just 1 euro, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong on that price.

Writing Style

I really like Lauren’s writing style. It’s easy readible, so I flown through the story and it’s very visual. I love that it’s written from both Sasha’s and Adelina’s perspective. I love books who have this kind of perspectives. Nothing else specific I can tell about it.

My thoughts on Loathe Me

It’s not your typical damsel in distress book. As in… there’s a damsel, and she’s in distress, but she’s also kinda bad ass. Just not bad ass enough for this situation. A situation where she is arranged to marriage to a psycho, and her sister won’t let that happen.

So there’s Sascha. He’s hired to be her bodyguard. But he doesn’t say a whole lot to her. Which Adelina finds very disturbing. He just needs to be friendly, that is all. They’re stuck together in this.

I love how I knew what Sascha’s thoughts were, because I completely understand that he drives Adelina crazy. I also understand why he does what he does. At the same time I love this game between them, where Adelina tries to get him to talk. Even if it’s just a hello, goodmorning. And how he slowly let’s her in. How they slowly appreciate each other and eventually fall for each other. How it goes from being a job to being a friend who looks after the other.

And that ending… I understand, I really do, but I wanted to scream… I really did. Fastly moving on to the second book.


I really liked this. I want more of this maffia romance shit and I need it now. *grabs part 2* back to reading.

Did you read it? Or something else from L.P. Lovell. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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