Hate Sober by T.L. Smith

Hate Sober by T.L. SmithHate Sober By/Door T.L. Smith
Serie: Love Me Duet #2
Op/On 3 December 2019
Genres: Dark Romance
Pagina's/Pages: 219

Our love wasn’t enough.
He had demons.
I had hopes.
Together we were never meant to be.
That didn’t stop us, though.
Even when it should have.
Even when I saw those demons loud and clear.
I should have stayed away.
Should have never looked back.
But love, it’s a fickle thing.
And sometimes…
You need to embrace the darkness.
Or let it destroy you.
I was drunk once.
Now, I’m sober.

Writing Style

T.L. has a very specific writing style which you love or hate. Hate Sober is written from the perspective of Everly and little bits from Gunner, which gives us now a bit of insight in his head. Sometimes I miss emotion in her sentences. The style is mostly feeling and movement.

“Don’t go after her. Give her time to process this shit.”
I spin around and face him. “Don’t fucking presume what I will or won’t do.”

My opinion about Hate Sober

I started with a lot of doubt after reading part one. I couldn’t relate to Everly at all, and I hated Gunner from deep within me. I was afraid Everly would just walk straight back in his arms, but that was when T.L. showed me why I like her books. Because Everly really didn’t want to go back to Gunner. Absolutely not. I seriously didn’t know how the book would end for a long time, which made me appreciate the story all the more.

This time I could better relate to Everly. I could even understand her motives. Slowly I began to see through all the layers that was Gunner. I got to see more of the other characters and even thought the story was beautiful. And as an extra wonder: I can totally agree with the ending. So well done!

Everything that happened in this book, was way more deep than it was in part one and the writing is beautifully done. Even though I still miss emotion which doesn’t give me the deep connection I wanted… this time I think it’s lovely.

He was so many of my firsts, and now I must simply try and make new seconds.


In the end I really liked this series!

Here you find the review of part 1!

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