A Love Song for Liars (Rivals #1) by Piper Lawson

A Love Song for Liars (Rivals #1) by Piper LawsonA Love Song for Liars By/Door Piper Lawson
Serie: Rivals #1
Op/On 29 April 2020
Genres: Band, Contemporary, Romance

I fell for Tyler Adams when he had nothing but a guitar.He was my rebel prince, my handsome muse, my twisted friend.We were worlds apart in every way that mattered:He was poor, I was rich.He was beautiful, I was plain.He honed his talent in private, while I ached for the spotlight.When Tyler moved in with us, Oakwood Prep fell on its knees to worship at his altar.He traded my friendship for their crown. I will never forgive his betrayal.But some nights... He makes me want to.
A Love Song for Liars is Book 1 in the angsty new adult, academy-inspired Rivals trilogy. From USA Today bestselling romance author Piper Lawson!

Waarschuwing: dit boek bevat seks, drugs/alcohol of geweld.
Warning: this book contains sex, drugs/alcohol or violence

Ik heb dit boek ontvangen in ruil voor een eerlijke recensie.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review

My thoughts about A Love Song for Liars

This is the first time I’ve read anything from Piper. I really enjoyed reading a book of her

Apparently, these characters appear in another series, so many people already know who they were. But they were all new to me.

I thought Annie was the best of all of them. She knew what she had to say and when, she knew what she wanted and what not. She is caring and full of emotions. She wanted to see someone else become successful then pushing her own luck. Instead of jealousy, she would be happy for others.
I didn’t feel a connection with Tyler for a long time. He remained very flat in my eyes at first and opened up as the book progressed. His decisions were based on his past that made him look like a jerk.

I noticed that I wanted to know more about her father. No idea if he is in the series before this one. But while I understood his tough decisions, I also found them terribly unfair. Life in the music business is hard, but he probaly done it all.

“When you never leave me.”


Piper has a pleasant writing style. It is a nice and fast read.



A nice book based on music. A book where you don’t have to think about other things besides getting envolved in the story. Loved it.

Melanie van Garderen
Melanie van Garderen

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