A Lesson in Thorns (Thorncapel #1) by Sierra Simone

A Lesson in Thorns (Thorncapel #1) by Sierra SimoneA Lesson in Thorns By/Door Sierra Simone
Serie: , #1
Op/On 21 March 2019
Genres: Dark Romance, LBGT

When librarian Poe Markham takes the job at Thornchapel, she only wants two things: to stay away from Thornchapel’s tortured owner, Auden Guest, and to find out what happened to her mother twelve years ago. It should be easy enough—keep her head down while she works in the house’s crumbling private library and while she hunts down any information as to why this remote manor tucked into the fog-shrouded moors would be the last place her mother was seen alive. But Thornchapel has other plans for her...
As Poe begins uncovering the house’s secrets, both new and old, she’s also pulled into the seductive, elegant world of Auden and his friends—and drawn to Auden’s worst enemy, the beautiful and brooding St. Sebastian. And as Thornchapel slowly tightens its coil of truths and lies around them, Poe, Auden and St. Sebastian start unravelling into filthy, holy pleasure and pain. Together, they awaken a fate that will either anoint them or leave them in ashes… *** From the author of the USA Today bestselling New Camelot series comes an original fairy tale full of ancient mysteries, lantern-lit rituals, jealousy, money, murder, sacred torment, and obsessions that last for lifetimes...
***A Lesson in Thorns is the first of four books in the Thornchapel series.***

Waarschuwing: dit boek bevat seks, drugs/alcohol of geweld.
Warning: this book contains sex, drugs/alcohol or violence

My thoughts about A Lesson in Thorns

So good! So amazingly good.
I loved the whole vibe of the house and the people in it. There history is amazing and the whole storyline was so great.
It was such a wicked read. A screwed up story to be honest. Who writes this stuff? Sierra did and thank God for that!
Maybe my mind is messed up or hers, haha but I needed some time off after reading a few chapters.

The setting of their world was so enchanting and magical. It really felt like i was walking there myself and I wish I could. The details were so real. My brain were able to create a whole world on his own. I loved living there for a while.

Thorncapel sounds like a beautiful place but the most important thing for me was the friendship. It was based on trust and love. Reading about their teenage years was something special. Every secret, every discussion and every moment together was full of respect.

Six characters and all so different.

Sierra is an open minded person. She wrote about polygamy, bisexuality, virgins, m/m, f/f. And so much more.
This writer is definitely in my top 10.

I can’t wait for the next book in this serie.

“A bolt of real, true fear flies through me; it leaves wet need in its wake. My knees feel weak and unsteady. I want to drop to the ground and press my forehead between his expensive brown Oxfords and wait for him to dispense justice. I want to earn his approval; I want every depraved, sick, and delicious thing a submissive wants—and more.”


In the past I sometimes read that some people struggled to keep their focus on Sierra’s writing style. I, personally, had no trouble reading this book. It is easy to maintain and full of emotions.

“I may apologize, but I won’t kneel”


Read this if you want to be amazed. I would recommend this book to everyone.

I am in love but yeah I just love Sierra.

“I think you’re starved for it.”

He opens his eyes and looks at her. “I’d starve for you.”

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