5 Best Dark Romances

This list is filled with my 5 best dark romances. Maybe you find some new authors or books to read. Or maybe you have some suggestions for me.

Top of the foodchain, number 1: Sick Fux

Sick Fux Dark Romance

This is the darkest dark romance I’ve ever read. My review is found here. If you’ve never read a dark romance I don’t recommend to read this. I really liked that it’s a sick and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. Tillie Cole was magnificent.

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The number 2: Souls Unfractured

Souls Unfractured Dark Romance

The characters in this book are really well written and really deep. My full review is found here! This characters just cut my chest wide open and build a home in my heart to stay forever. #flamewhore.

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My number 3: A Lovely Obsession

lovely obsession dark romance

I read this book as an ARC. My full review can be found here. Before I started I didn’t know what to think, besides… okayyy a stalker. I don’t know if that’s my thing… But I’d read Sunshine and Bullets from this author and I really liked the writing style so I thought I should give it a shot. Well, I was so relieved, because it was so, so good!

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Number 4: Loathe Me

Loathe me dark romance

I haven’t had the time to put the review of Loathe Me online, but as soon as I did, I will put the link in here. I read this one after I read Wrong. This author is the half of the co-write of that one. I found this one for free on Amazon and I thought I wanted to give the author a chance by herself. Well, I loved this one even more!

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Number 5: Soulless

This one is part of a series and to understand it completely you must read part 1-3. No worries, because those are good as well. But this one gave a lot of twists and a couple I didn’t see coming. My complete review can be found here.

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These were my top 5 favorite dark romances. Hope you can work with them. Do you have any suggestions for me?? Put them in the comments!


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